WordPress Hosting Transfer

Are you moving to other hosting providers? Changing the domain name of your site and need help in moving? We can help you to move your WordPress site from one host to the other one in moments. Using SSH or FTP we can quickly and easily move your sites files and database from one hosting provider to the other - all quickly and efficiently!

We will also take file backups of your site and database that We will email to you for your records.

Once the files have been moved, We will export the database, make any necessary changes (domain name, file paths, etc) and then import it into the new hosting environment.

Briefing Details

What We will need from you:

  • Old server connection information.
  • New server connection information.

When providing access, know that only the files you specify will be moved. Proper instructions would read as follows:

Hostname: example.com
Username: root
Password: password
Database: your_database_name
Files To Be Moved: public_html/